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Know Your Numbers

Blood Pressure:  High blood pressure is a major risk factor that make your heart and blood vessels work harder. It is important to check your blood pressure regularly. Take steps including lifestyle changes to prevent or control your pressure. 

Cholesterol:  Unhealthy levels can raise your risk of a heart attack. High cholesterol has been linked to diabetes and high blood pressure. Plaque build up within the arteries decreases blood flow affecting the function of the cells and organs that these blood vessels supply.

Body Mass Index (BMI):  BMI is an estimate of your body fat based on your weight and height. As BMI increases, so do blood pressure, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugars, and inflammation. These changes translate into risk factors for heart disease and stroke. 

Blood Sugar:  Blood sugar or GLUCOSE is the main sugar found in your blood that comes from the food we eat and is your body's main source of energy. When your blood sugar is high, it can lead to diabetes, which is a major risk factor for heart attack. 

Once you know your numbers of the above other things you can do to prevent heart disease are: 

Eat a healthy diet, Exercise Regularly, Limit Alcohol Consumption, Don't Smoke, Get a good night's rest (7-8 hours), and manage stress by mediatation.

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